Restoring CLF (Complete Loss of Focus)
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Restoring CLF (Complete Loss of Focus)

Berita Harian (“BH”) carried an interesting debate on the CLF Convention on Dec 1st 2012. BH had translated and featured my blog piece, Returning the Concepts of “Community” and Leadership to CLF in an article here . BH also featured a response by Mendaki’s CEO and head of the CLF Secretariat. The thrust of the … Continue reading

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Statistical Analysis Supports National Approach on “Malay” Issues

Farhan Ali, a PhD candidate at Harvard University and a former RIMA Board member, wrote an excellent statistical analysis of the performance of Malay students over the last 20 years. Farhan found as follows: There is a strong correlation between Malay and national trends in % passes over the last 2 decades.  In other words, Malay … Continue reading